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Bothered by Local 11? You’re Not Alone

From local residents to its own workers, UNITE HERE Local 11 has agitated countless Californians in recent years. Tell us your story by filling out the form linked below.

  • “They worry about politics when they should worry about us. They’re playing with our salaries and our lives.”
    - Rosario Hernandez, a Grand Californian shift leader and Local 11 member
  • “It’s not all that bad without the bullhorns. But once they turn that on, it’s just ungodly..”
    - Judith Masterson, concerned citizen
  • “Why is it more of a benefit to be in a union? The union isn’t really doing anything for us.”
    - Alicia Yale, a Sheraton Universal waitress and Local 11 member
  • “[Local 11] is trying to ruin our hotel reputation waking up everyone, everyone is getting upset.”
    - Anonymous Westin worker on Local 11 tactics